nixware review

  1. mxntoz

    English Opinion about

    MENU Menu is beautiful, i like this design it has very legible options and I know where to find something everytime. Ragebot Ragebot is good, its better than before I mainly play scout and i can say that sometimes it hits baim but mainly it hits headshots resolver is better and is nice ANTI...
  2. Smuki

    English Review

    I got 2 keys both worth 3 days from telegram so this is my review on "free" nixware(i only play hvh) Ragebot - 6/10 Pretty good ragebot, could been better if there were no misses because of ? Anti - Aim - 5/10 Not so many features but with luas you can make it unhittable. Visual - 10/10 Lots...
  3. rebornL

    Russian мнение о никсваре [ONLY RU]

    Рагу Бот за 250 рублей функционал обширный 9/10 Визуалы Не бывает плохих визуалов, шучу. Бывает, если не умеешь настраивать - удачи 9/10 Анти-Аимы Ну, опять же нужны луашки. А так настроить нормально можно. 8/10 Остальное Бхоп, хороший. Автострейфер, хороший. 10/10 Меню Можно было сделать...
  4. Low_Digga

    English My nixware review

    So, i will review nixware (DISCLAIMER: I never used any other paid cheat bc i dont have much money) Everything is on the current version and its my personal opinion! (sry for bad english its not my main language xD) Legitbot [8/10] I dont play much legit and when i do, i only use backtrack...
  5. Redder

    Russian Обзор / Мнение о чите

    :coffee: Всем привет, хочу рассказать своё мнение о чите...