1. TMFHSPgod

    Not Official Nixware Theme Discord

    Last version v1.2 [01.06.2021] Hello everyone, today I made a nixware theme for discord. On the Internet there are skeet, neverlose, onetap themes, but there is no nixware theme, because I present to you: I'm waiting for your feedback. What would you change?
  2. Sach

    I'm banned from discord but I don't know why

    Yesterday I joined nixware buying my subscription and I saw a post where they presented the discord so I decided to join but when I entered the link it appeared that I could not join because I was banned, I do not understand why this is the first time that I join the discord and nixware
  3. E


    does anyone have free discord nitro? if so please add me on discord? 9564281#3167