anti aim

  1. S

    what paid luas are best?

    what paid luas are best for nixware csgo?
  2. snoy_zvi

    Вопрос про Jitter

    Кто может рассказать как работают джитеры и есть ли от них смысл?
  3. Facket69

    Is this happening to everyone or only me?

    Bought nixware yesterday after not playing with it for like 6 months and i saw that my anti aim flicks every second and it kinda makes me get tap easily , i used other lua's for AA but is the same , whenever i extend my desync more it flicks faster , i dont really understand why , if u know how...
  4. Simon

    Набор в стак blasser'crew

    1. Возраст 2. С какого года играете 3. С какими читами играли 4. Плейстайл 5. Основной чит 6. Имя