1. Tarovsky

    injection problem

    When i injects the cheat, the steam fires up and I hear a sound but whole steam is black and cs go doesn't start. (i have newest c++) (picture of this black steam below).
  2. psyhooo


    При инжекте чита, игра крашит без ошибки, все что было здесь -> все перепробывал, не получается :/ может кто знает как фиксить?
  3. S


    Hi! I just bought the nixware but i dont have the loader downloader, i waited 5 mins. What should i do?
  4. thedumitru

    Load delay

    Hi,i have a delay at loading cheat in csgo, after i open csgo cheat is loading with delay 1-10 minutes,how i fix? It is from cheat or its a problem? Sometimes cheat it not loading