1. L

    Информация о лоадере

    Так как лоадер писал мега крутой человек нейм абдулов и у меня он не запускался вовсе 2 сабки подряд. Хотел спросить: хоть какие то фиксы с лоадером было? Или он так и остался? И еще хотел узнать у саппортов какие системные требования лоадера и нужны ли avx2 библиотеки для процессора?
  2. H

    My friend has nixware but loader wont pop up but it shows up in task manager

    So my issue is I dont wanna spend money on something that doesnt work if the loader doesnt pop up like his problem is that he cant even sign in, it just shows up in task manager but doesnt let him login im scared of this issue. Is there any chance to fix this he downloaded all the stuff that was...
  3. souplax12

    Cant inject nixware

    Hello everyone! When I try to load the cheat,nothing happened. I mean when i open .exe file steam restarts , cs go opens but cheat doesnt inject like nothing happened. Time is sync! Please if anyone knows how to fix I would be greateful
  4. W


  5. Sach

    nixware takes too long to inject, does anyone know why?

    Today I just bought nixware and every time I open the loader and enter the game it takes between 5 to 15 minutes to inject, does anyone have the solution? I have friends who inject instantly I don't know why that happens My pc is high-end...
  6. JonathanKh

    [Suggestion] Again

    Make A Detected | Undetected Tab In The Loader Or Just Get A New Loader Done Its Not That Hard ...
  7. JonathanKh

    [Suggestion] New Loader Menu

    So I Made This Loader And I Was Just Wondering What Would Yall Think Of It , You Know At The Moment Nixware Has A Basic Loader That Just Doesn't Look Good . Take A Look
  8. Trevor


    Is anyone get working loader? my loader has been out of work for a long time. since I paid it just worked for once! I ve touched stuffs for what I m meeting.
  9. k0sta7


    The loader doesnt load any cheat included there. I need help.