1. Cxnt

    I am crashing (only with nixware)

    I am currently having a problem with nixware, it crashes whenever it injects. I tried another cheat ( and it didnt crash. It started crashing right after I tried going on a community server. I have tried everything, removing all luas from the lua folder, restarting my pc and...
  2. Redonesco

    Nixware crash every time

    nixware crash everytime i inject idk why. i just want to play any solution?
  3. TheLover

    nixware крашаеться как этернити в1

    ска запускаю лоадер а тут вот
  4. G

    Помогите с крашами никс вара

    Что делать, я сегодня играл несколько раз с никс варом, вдруг он крашнул, я попробывал за инжектить, но при открытии кс опять крашает, только сразу.
  5. M

    Nixware crashing after i log in

    When i login with my details it says loading and then crashes then i opened nixware again typed all my details then it says loading and crashes again it happens everytime