1. N

    Help me pls (inject issue)

    Hi I am new to this cheat, nixware I just got it today, and I tried to inject it, it restarted steam (and csgo when it's opened), and opened csgo. It stayed at a download speed at average 150kb/s for 1 to 1.3 minutes and then it randomly quits, without a sign (it didnt pop up an error) And then...
  2. njoiu

    Луа не робит

    Такая проблема включаю луа показывает что включено но сам скрипт не работает. Кто знает как эту проблему решить?
  3. Poochy

    Nixware Not Injecting

    i did everything that the video says but when i inject it auto opens steam and it gets stucked there